Adrian Alvardo Guide

When you call the Everglades Day Safari reservation line there’s a good chance Adrian Alvardo will be the first person you speak to. Adrian was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and has lived in South Florida since immigrating to the United States. Adrian enjoys spending time with his family, taking road trips, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, rafting, and visiting national parks. In addition to helping tourists book their Everglades adventure, Adrian is also concurrently studying to be a game developer.

Maria Elena
Maria Elena Corradino Guide

Maria Elena Corradino was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She has a degree in Hospitality and Tourism and acquired experience organizing cultural events, planning tour itineraries, and guiding tours to different areas of Ecuador including the beautiful beaches and wonderful Andes. She had the opportunity of working on a cruise ship in the Galapagos Islands where she attended the front desk and gift shop. She moved to the United States in 2007 and has hiked and explored throughout Florida, learning about its nature and enjoying its beauty. While strengthening her English Language she worked in the Food and Beverage Industry, and Education Field. Maria Elena is fluent in Spanish, English and German. Currently she’s a stay at home mother and part-time reservationist.

Airboat Ride
Zak Guide

Zak was born in Lima, Peru. He moved with his family to West Palm, Florida at the age of one and lived by age eight was living on the edge of the
Everglades in Loxahatchee. This is when his passion for wildlife began and he developed a love for fresh and saltwater fishing. He spent his youth chasing and capturing snakes and other reptiles in the Everglades. Zak first worked as a landscape architect. He also work in the auto industry before returning to his roots and becoming a Florida naturalist and studying to become a Master Naturalist. Zak brings his love of the Everglades and outdoors to his job and guests appreciate Zak’s
talents as a tour guide, praising his enthusiasm and knowledge.

Anne Guide

Anne was born in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up exploring the northeast corner of the continent, especially the beaches of Cape Cod where she often ended a long summer day by digging a bucket of steamers to add to the family meal. She has worked in the medical field, in environmental science, as a teacher and a tutor, and as the mom who volunteered for all the field trips. Anne earned a BS. in biology with a minor in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts Boston and has done graduate work in biology and education.

She had often vacationed in southwest Florida, and finally moved here in 2009, to be able to spend more time outdoors in paradise. She arrived in Fort Myers in the heat of August and immediately enrolled in the first module of the Florida Master Naturalist Program, hoping to become an outdoor educator. Anne finished all 3 FMNP modules, earned a spot on the Florida Master Naturalist Honor Roll in February 2010 and immediately began working as a guide. She has specialized in Everglades tours for the last four years.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys gardening, reading, swimming and walking.

Bob Guide

Bob was born in Michigan where he received his B.S in Zoology from Michigan State University and also took post graduate courses in Animal Behavior. Bob is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. He has worked as a Tour Guide at the Miami Serpentarium, traversed Colombia, South America on zoological expeditions and owned “Captain Bob’s Animal Kingdom” in Lakeland, FL. He also hosted a weekly Tampa, FL T.V. show featuring wild animals. Bob owned and operated Everglades Day Safari from 1996-2016 and although retired still enjoys guiding tours once a week. Bob has studied the fragile eco-systems of South Florida, Colombia, Costa Rica and most of Southeast Asia for more than 40 years. His knowledge, common sense and humor will assure you of a very educational and entertaining day.

Bob is also available for customized expeditions which focus on a specific interest.

Pete Guide

Pete was born and raised just west of the Everglades in Venice, Florida. He grew up at the Florida Monkey Sanctuary, a 10-acre, private non-profit organization owned and operated by his parents from 1968-1988.

His experience at the sanctuary involved not only working with hundreds of primates of various species, but also provided the opportunity to become immersed in the natural history of the area, where the sanctuary alone was home to Sandhill Cranes, Wood Storks, Indigo Snakes, River Otters and abundance of other native wildlife. Leaving the subtropics for colder climates, Pete attended the University of Vermont and graduated with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. He returned to southwestern Florida and guided for the Everglades Day Safari from 1998-2000 before once again trading sandals for snowshoes in Vermont where he worked for six years as a Park Ranger at Lowell Lake State Park in Londonderry, VT.

Pete later worked his way up to become the Director of the environmental education organization, the Vermont Institute of Natural Science in Manchester, VT, teaching natural history and encouraging environmental conservation to students of all ages. He returned to his native state of Florida in 2007 to once again guide visitors on Everglades excursions and take a more active role in the marketing and operations side of the Everglades Day Safari. As of September 2016, Pete is the owner of Everglades Day Safari.

Dr. Manfred Dangel

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our great friend and longest-serving ecotour guide, Dr. Manfred Dangel. Anyone lucky enough to have joined him on a safari will understand this enormous loss. His legacy video is now available to purchase. We miss you Manfred – Rest In Peace.

Norman Caldwell

In Memoriam – September 1, 1947-April 12,2015

Norman Caldwell moved to South Florida in 1959 where he developed a love and passion for nature and the Everglades. He transformed this passion from hobby to career, driving airboats and guiding archeological digs, moonlit canoe and school field trips. He loved to fish, was an avid reader, studied the history of Florida and its inhabitants, and was a wealth of information and lore. He was constantly amazed by the Everglades, its beauty and mystery. He spent his last fourteen years as an Everglades Day Safari eco-tour guide and truly loved his work and the land. With his well woven tales of the Everglades, Norman elevated guiding to an art form. We miss you Norman.