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Palm Warbler

As we ride out the COVID pandemic and plan for a safe re-opening in the next few weeks or months I have been looking back at some of my favorite tour photos including this pair of “Palm Warblers” perched in a Cabbage Palmetto (Sabal palmetto). It’s an atypical plant (palms are not true trees!) for Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) to relax in but this pair has been doing it for years. Broad-winged birds often alight on branches of trees that are easy to land on and easy to take off from but these two are an exception. They are one of several pairs that make Lake Trafford in the Western Everglades their home. The difference is subtle, but the female is the larger bird on the right. The female is often the larger of the sexes in birds of prey.

a palm tree in front of a body of water