Our Staff

Anne Falcone

Anne was born in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up exploring the northeast corner of the continent, especially the beaches of Cape Cod where she often ended a long summer day by digging a bucket of steamers to add to the family meal. She has worked in the medical field, in environmental science, as a teacher and a tutor, and as the mom who volunteered for all the field trips. Anne earned a BS. in biology with a minor in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts Boston and has done graduate work in biology and education.

She had often vacationed in southwest Florida, and finally moved here in 2009, to be able to spend more time outdoors in paradise. She arrived in Fort Myers in the heat of August and immediately enrolled in the first module of the Florida Master Naturalist Program, hoping to become an outdoor educator. Anne finished all 3 FMNP modules, earned a spot on the Florida Master Naturalist Honor Roll in February 2010 and immediately began working as a guide. She has specialized in Everglades tours for the last four years.
In her spare time, Anne enjoys gardening, reading, swimming and walking.