Our Staff


Rhett Stanberry

Rhett was born in Honolulu Hawaii, but by the time he was one, his parents moved back to Florida to be closer to family. Rhett was raised on the central-east coast of Florida. Growing up he spent his time fishing and searching for wildlife with his Father, a professional wildlife photographer. Together they traveled the state photographing everything from manatees to birds and even crocodiles.

Growing up around wildlife, it was inevitable he would develop a passion for it. He was particularly driven towards reptiles. Living near the St.Johns River, while other kids were playing sports and video games, Rhett was outside, chasing snakes, turtles, lizards and alligators. Rhett attended and graduated from the University of Central Florida where he got a BS in Environmental Science. After graduating he worked for Seminole County where he led an outdoor Eco-camp for kids.

Before working for Everglades Day Safari, he was a Zoo Keeper at the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, where he worked with and handled some of the most dangerous and deadly reptiles on the planet (Everything from venomous Cobras, Mambas, Taipans even 12 foot Crocodiles). During his free time, he also maintains a personal collection with some of the most rare and exotic reptiles on earth. If he’s not caring for his reptiles he can be found in the Everglades looking for and photographing wildlife or out fishing on the coast.